Understanding of Quality

ZORLUER aims to grow together with its suppliers and to be the regional power by working together with its customers and to increase the profit through its employees.

Our view of quality as Zorluer Company is to be a group of companies that comply with the laws, ethics and national values, produce with care of the environment, protect its producers and consumers and carefully evaluates the human resources.

-Quality at each stage of our business:

Achieving the perfection of business in accordance with customer satisfaction and assistance of all employees and addressing the principles of creativity and determination entirely our group believes in:

-Elevating standards,

- Timely delivery of products,

-The need to be able to respond to costumers and partners’ issues.

Our core values are efficiency in business processes, new technology, information technology and continuous improvement.

Moreover, we already certificated our qualities under the names of  ISO 9001 ( The Quality management ), ISO 14001 ( The Enviromental Management System ), ISO 10002 ( The Customer Staısfaction and Complaint Management System ), ISO 22000 ( The Food Safety Management System ) and OHSAS 18001 ( The Occupational Health and Safety Management System ).