Member of the Parliament visit Zorluer

Reminding its name once again in the industr

 with recent international important projects,

Zorluer is proud to welcome a member of the Parliament in its facilities. Not long ago Kutahya Parliament member,Vice-President advisor and Foreign Affairs Committee member Prof. Assist. Dr. Hüseyin Tuğcu -the founder of the Justice and Development Party (AKP)- while taking part in a conference in Izmir, visited Zorluer Group to give motivational support and congratulate them on successful international projects, 

The Parliament member appreciated and admired openly not only the working process of  the company but also the organization and order of the settled system while visiting the facilities with Hazar Zorluer who prepared the background project and business plan.

While visiting Zorluer bird cage factory, which primarily sends 2 trucks abroad per week and improves its technology with every day, he didn’t miss on talking to the employees and getting feedback on their job satisfaction.

Mr. Tuğcu also visited the layer chick breeding and egg production facilities and indicated that he has an interest in the industry as well.


This was obvious from his curiosity towards the chickens and eggs in the coops.

Finally the respected member of the Parliament thanked Zorluer Group for the hospitality shown during his stay. He indicated that Recep Zorluer who carries out the Project in Azerbaijan and is also a founder of the company, is a great example of successfully creating employment in Turkish Republic and  also deserves the name of a leader in the industry.